1. What are the courses offered by Ayurveda Therapy Institute?
Ayurveda Therapy Institute is offering courses in Ayurveda Fundamentals, Massage, Panchakarma Bodyworks, Herbology, Psychology, Beauty Therapy, Lifestyle Management and Yoga Therapy.

2. Are the courses offered by the Ayurveda Therapy Institute recognised?
Ayurveda Therapy Institute is established as a private vocational training institute. All the courses offered by Ayurveda Therapy Institute are in conformity to the guidelines laid down by Ayurveda Development Research Foundation(R). 

3. What are the minimum requirements for applying to a suitable course in Ayurveda Therapy Institute?
Our courses are open to all having a passion for Ayurveda and alternative healing. They are designed for students who wish to learn more about the specific aspects of Ayurveda and how to incorporate it in their daily lives and into their related healing professions.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, must also be able to speak and read English to a level to understand course terminology used.



4. When are the courses conducted at Ayurveda Therapy Institute?
  For details on individual courses schedule CLICK HERE  

5. What is the total approximate expenditure for a selected course?
For details on course fee CLICK HERE
6. How can I register for a course?
The registration for the course and admission is done online. Contact for details.

7. If I have to apply for more than one course, should I get that many registration forms?
Courses are combined under different groups. Only one registration is sufficient for courses under the same group. Separate registrations are required for courses under different groups.

8. How I can reach Udupi? 
CLICK HERE for details.

9. Will I get hostel / hotel accommodation?
Candidates coming for courses must make their own arrangements for stay. There are plenty of hotels available in Udupi. Candidates can log into www.udupipages.com for more details. Almost all candidates admitted are accommodated in the institute guest house.

10. Should I need to pay the course fee at the time of admission?
Yes, the fee is to be paid on or before the day of admission.

11. Is there any facility for payment of fees in installments?
No, the entire course fees is to be paid on or before the day of admission.

12. Is there any agent who can help me in getting admission to Ayurveda Therapy Institute?
No, we don’t have any agents or middlemen for admissions.

13. Is there any dress code?
Yes, Students should strictly follow the dress code inside the campus.



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