Qualification Overview

Qualification  Title Certificate in Ayurveda Psychology
Qualification Type Certificate
Credit Hours 50
Strategic Purpose Graduates will be able to provide Ayurvedic MassagesGraduates will be able to provide practical tools to create psychological balance, strengthen the mind, chakras (energy centres) and subtle energies and support in Ayurveda Management.
Entry Requirements Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, must also be able to speak and read English to a level to understand course terminology used
Organization Ayurveda Therapy Institute
Developed By Ayurveda Development Research Foundation (Registered)
Status       Current
Course Dates  On request



1. Introduction to Ayurveda
Aims & Objectives
History & Branches
Scope of Ayurveda
2. Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda
Concept of Macrocosm & Microcosm
Panchamahabhutas(5 great elements)
Tridoshas (3 biological humors)
Sapta Dhatus (7 body tissues)
Malas (3 biological wastes)
Srotas (body channels)
Agni (digestive fire)
Ama (toxins)

3. Prakriti (Body-Mind Constitution) Analysis

4. Ayurveda Concept of Mind and its qualities

5. Introduction to Koshas (Sheaths) and Chakras (Energy centres)

Practicals/Demonstrations/Hands-on Training

Meditation Techniques
Chakra Meditation
Yoga Nidra
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   Meet Our Alumni
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  Fatima Al-Mansoori     Gopal Reddy               Renata Sbaraglia       Olga Maria Budasz 
         Bahrain                  Hyderabad                     Brazil                            Poland
 40     41     42     43
       Adey                             Anabel                         Andres                           Anne
       Spain                              Spain                             Spain                           Italy
44     45     46     47
     Ariyanna                      Carmin                        Cayetana                     Christina 
        Italy                            Spain                           Spain                            Spain
48    49    50   51 
      Colette                          Coro                           Denise                          Dominique
        Spain                           Spain                            Spain                               Italy

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