Founded in 2004, Ayurveda Therapy Institute was the first school to offer professional Ayurveda massage training in India. Today, it is regarded as one of the leading Ayurveda massage therapy schools in the country. ATI is a small, independently-owned institution that has earned a reputation for innovation and educational excellence. Throughout a history spanning one decade, the school has consistently produced Ayurveda massage therapists and Panchakarma technicians who excel in their chosen career paths.

In this section, we will highlight the most important aspects and attributes that define this school and that make The ATI Difference. This is what distinguishes us from the rest.

Experience and Visionary Leadership

ATI has been providing Ayurveda massage therapy training for 10 years, and has operated under the same ownership. Founder and director Dr. Sreedhar Rao is a specialist in Ayurveda, the mind-body-soul relationship and are respected authority on Ayurved amassage therapy regulation who have worked to establish professional standards on both national and international levels. Dr. Rao is a leader and pioneer in the development of teacher training for the Ayurveda massage therapy profession.  He has united his diverse backgrounds in Ayurveda therapy, education, somatics and the arts to create a visionary model for learning.

Quality over Quantity

We have consciously chosen to operate ATI at a small scale, so that we can provide a high level of personal attention and quality training to our students. This is of prime importance to us because ATI is more than a business enterprise – it’s our life’s work. We don’t endeavor to be the biggest Ayurveda massage school around – just the best. Our joy comes in working with students as they achieve their goals and dreams, and in supporting them as they return to their communities to share their new skills, knowledge and awareness in so many ways.

Our Highly-trained Faculty

ATI has one of the most rigorous training requirements of any Ayurveda massage school in the country for its instructional staff. Lead instructors have completed the Full time University Ayurveda Gruaduation (BAMS-Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery) approved by the Central Council of Indian Medicine(CCIM), Government of India – and have progressed through a three-level teaching assistant and mentorship program. Our faculty members are all successful therapists with many years of clinical experience, post-graduate specialty training, and a dedication to the educational model we hold at ATI.

Spectacular Natural Setting

Place matters. Our beautiful campus at North Malabar, Kerala, features meadows, ponds, woodlands and an abundance of native birdlife. ATI is one of the few massage schools in the country that is based in a natural environment. We are fortunate to offer our educational programs in this ideal location for the process of learning and healing. 

Sanctuary in a Stressful World

ATI provides an oasis of quietude and beauty for our students and guests. We are committed to maintaining this campus as a refuge from the noise, overcrowding and stresses of everyday life. Whether you are here for a one-day workshop or a year-long training, you’ll be nourished, inspired and restored at the Ayurveda institute.

Learning that Changes Lives

When you study massage therapy at ATI, you’ll gain authentic information and insights that will change your life, AND the lives of those you touch. Our training programs go far beyond the development of vocational skills; students consistently let us know that they experience profound transformation through their time at ATI. You can read what some of our graduates have shared about their personal and professional evolution on the Testimonials page.

An Integrative Curriculum

Our Therapy Programs are based on a synthesis of Western and Eastern bodywork traditions. We endeavor to balance the technical with the artistic… the scientific with the spiritual… the intellectual with the intuitive… and the ancient with the modern. This integrative curriculum allows our students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the therapeutic experience as they develop a high degree of professional skill and sensitivity.

The Whole-Person Model

We work within a therapeutic model that acknowledges the inner wisdom, or innate intelligence, of every individual. This deep level of knowing is stored within the body along with all our life experiences – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The whole-person approach presented at ATI unlocks the potential for healing on all these levels as we work directly with the physical body. In this way, Ayurveda massage therapy is much more than the treatment of symptoms or relief of discomfort – it is an opportunity to bring both life-enhancing and life-negating patterns to conscious awareness for the purpose of transformation.

A Solid Foundation

Our Programs gives students a solid foundation for beginning a professional practice in the field of Ayurveda massage therapy. The curriculum is designed so that all courses are coordinated with one another, and are delivered in a carefully-organized sequence. As an example, students explore the muscles and bones for one region of the body in Anatomy class – in conjunction with learning the corresponding hands-on techniques in their Ayurveda Massage Therapy class. This produces a high level of competency, and prepares our graduates for being able to work in a wide variety of treatment settings.

Healing Attitudes

As our students learn hands-on techniques and gain knowledge about the structure and function of the body, they also develop the inner resources that make Ayurveda massage therapy a healing experience for both client and therapist. Our program focuses on key elements such as Presence, Mindfulness, Intention, and Unconditional Positive Regard.

A Passionate Commitment to the Healing Arts

We are an institution that focuses exclusively on the Vedic healing arts, in their many forms. Ayurveda Massage therapy training is our centerpiece, and we offer a wide range of continuing education workshops and advanced trainings that support the careers of hands-on therapists and other health care providers. We honor the lineage of these venerable healing arts, and work to preserve their integrity as we participate in the evolution of touch therapy in the 21st century.

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